Famous last words...

Here you see some quotes from our guestbook in the studio. Facebook

"There is a time to really relax, Corpus Rub is the place."

"Het was heerlijk ontspannend. Zo ontspannend dat een snurkje af en toe niet te onderdrukken was!"

"Here we are ... the three of us ... meaning my pregnant fiancée and me ... having a sweet massage time ... baby has reacted ... lot of emotions! Thank you."

At Corpus Rub it is all about you!

It is our mission to give you the most relaxing experience you deserve from the moment you set foot into our massage studio.

Corpus Rub was founded in 2004 by Lee Herman and Wai-kit Lo. When demand for their signature Deep Tissue Massages became the talk of town they had to expand and put down roots in Amsterdam South on the van Breestraat. Today Corpus Rub clients include a loyal base of much loved locals, hotel guests and hard working professionals from near and far.

Corpus Rub is about diversity: we have a wonderful, ever expanding group of therapists working for us, people who stem from all four corners of the earth including The Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Korea, France, Colombia, America, Italy, and Germany.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio, make an appointment!

Corpus Rub
Van Breestraat 72-hs
1071 ZS Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20-416 5055